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Serengeti - Kilimanjaro - Zanzibar

We would be happy to take you to these longing places and show you the beauties of Tanzania.

In addition to the well-known parks in the north of the country such as the Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro, we also know the parks in the south, which are considered more of an insider tip. Discover with us not only the fascinating animal world but also the natural diversity that Tanzania has to offer.

Whether you want to visit coffee plantations in the Kilimanjaro region or head straight to the summit, look out for rare animal and plant species in the rainforests of the Usambara Mountains and end your trip on the beach in Zanzibar:

We create your dream trip together with you.

Lived cordiality and tolerance

Tanzania also impresses with its cultural diversity. Covering an area of 945,087 km²  over 61 million people, who belong to over 120 different ethnic groups and different religions, live together in peace.

On your journey we can take you to visit the Maasai in their traditional villages or go hunting with the Hadzabe Bushmen. Walk with a villager through Mto wa Mbu, a small town in which almost all 120 tribes of Tanzania are represented, and gain insight into the everyday life of the residents.

Our guides will be happy to tell you everything you want to know about the country and its people.


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